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King of Gemstones: Style Your Rubies Like a Pro

The hardest, coloured gemstones in intense red colour, Rubies are indeed the “King of Gemstones” and also the most sought after gemstones too. They signify passion and are truly elegant. Red is the colour of love and rubies perfectly symbolize this intense emotion. The different hues of rubies are as fascinating and exquisite as this colourful gemstone is. If you love colourful gemstone jewellery, then we are sure, rubies must be your first love. Since ancient times, this precious gemstone has been considered a symbol of power and status. Ladies love it and the love is never going to fade for it one of the most magnificent gemstones. Styling rubies is indeed an art you should know and we have brought you some styling tips so that you can integrate rubies in your styling like a pro!

You can effortlessly rev up your style with ruby jewellery by styling it according to the event or occasion you are heading to. A ruby solitaire ring set in 925 sterling silver can work best for any casual event. While vintage ruby designs like the victorian style with diamonds encircling it can be best suited for any wedding or informal occasion if you don’t want to go overboard on jewellery. If you wish to just opt for a simple yet royal look, you can buy silver earrings online with rubies in the form of studs or danglers, so that you can keep it minimal.

For workwear, rubies are an excellent choice but keeping them simple is what you need at your workplace. Simple small-size, delicate ruby studs in 925 Sterling Silver are best to pair with your workwear outfit if you want a dash of colour too. A silver chain with a classic round ruby solitaire looks elegant and can go well with any of your workplace outfit or business suit. The best way to integrate ruby in your styling is by pairing the ruby with solid colours like black, blue, yellow and white or even pastels with which it can create a contrast. With contrasting colours, rubies come out beautifully and you are bound to turn heads.

Weddings and prom nights are the perfect occasions to flaunt your favourite gemstone. Ruby necklace with studs looks perfect when teamed together for such informal occasions and you are going to look incredibly ravishing. For Indian attires like Anarkalis or maxi dresses, ditch your watch and wear a ruby bangle for a graceful look. Rubies are evergreen and you can steal the show by pairing them with the right outfit in the right manner. For Indian attires, you can buy silver earrings online with rubies studded in them and wear them as statement pieces to jazz up your look.

If you have a warm skin tone, rubies are going to make you look breathtaking, so why give a second thought ladies? Just follow these tips and get ready to rock the party! For different styles and to save your time, buy rubies online from a trusted jewellery brand.